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Sushi Menu

4pm – 9pm


Miller’s Roll*

tempura fried crispy lobster tail, asparagus, scallion, avocado, topped with masago, eel sauce, & spicy mayo, & crispy onion strings.

High Tide*

tempura-fried crispy shrimp, asparagus, scallion, avocado, tempura flakes, topped with masago, ebi shrimp, finished with spicy mayo and eel sauce

Surf & Turf*

tempura fried crispy soft shell crab, bacon, asparagus, avocado, scallion, masago, then, topped with avocado, eel sauce, spicy mayo, & crispy onion strings

OBX Roller

tempura fried crispy shrimp, spicy tuna, mango, scallion, masago, topped with avocado & crab, with eel sauce and spicy mayo

California Roll*

crab, cucumber, avocado, & masago

Rainbow Roll

california roll topped with tuna, salmon, yellowtail, shrimp, & tobiko

More Sushi

Hangover Roll*

salmon, asparagus, crab, scallion, cream cheese, topped with bacon, eel sauce, and spicy mayo (tempura fried roll)

Veggie Lover

cucumber, avocado, mango, asparagus, lettuce, carrot, & kampyo, with mango sauce

I’m So Hot

spicy tuna and yellowtail, pear, avocado, cilantro, scallion, tempura flakes, and topped with, jalapeño, with mango & spicy chili sauce

All American Roll*

spicy tuna, cream cheese, scallion, avocado, jalapeño, with sweet chili & mango sauce, and fries (tempura fried roll)

Hamachi Jalapeño*

spicy hamachi, cucumber, mango, scallions, cilantro, tempura flakes, and topped with jalapeño, mango, and spicy chili sauce

Crunchy Tuna

spicy tuna, avocado, scallion, tempura flakes, with spicy mayo, spicy chili sauce, and topped with tuna

*These items contain cooked proteins. The consumption of raw or undercooked proteins may increase the risk of food-borne illness.


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